Monday, August 29, 2016

Pokemon Go update

Things I have learned playing what I like to call the "walking game" aka Pokémon Go are:

Feed those critters raspberries for easier catching them all. Seems Pokémon fall in love (either with you or the raspberry) and it distracts them while you launch pokeballs at them. 

If your "bag is full" dump the potions. I have yet to use them, so you can stock up on pokeballs and great balls (no, not of fire ...)

If you haven't evolved your pokepets yet, after you have transferred a few to the Professor (you don't need 18 paras), you earn candies. These candies go toward pokemon evolutions. When the pokemon evolve, it doesn't seem to be a very pleasant experience for them. Some make odd noises after evolution that sound something like a bark, sneeze or hiccup. It cracks me up.

In your bag of items there is a lucky egg, save this puppy for evolving all of your pokemon that have enough candies.  The lucky egg earns double XP for 30 minutes. 

On your pokemon tab there is another tab called "eggs" so you choose the 5.0 km ones (ignore the 2.0 ones) and choose to incubate them. After you have walked awhile, this will count toward hatching them. My latest hatched baby was a Magnemite.

I spent the weekend on the California coast and there I found numerous "water" pokemon like Magikarp and Staryu. All the more reason to hang out at the beach!

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