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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Thrift shop finds and a Christmas quilt

October has been a challenging month. The mom has been in and out of the hospital.  Selfies and such are scarce for me right now.  I have always been one to believe my readers would rather have quality rather than quantity.  My goal is to always convey a spirit of fun (at least as much as possible).   

This fine piece of colorful brightness was offered at Goodwill.

The choir of angels began to sing when I realized that someone my size had recently donated to the hospice thrift.

In addition to the Jackson china serving plate (cool star pattern), my clothes finds included a 1970s maxi with gathered waistband, a Carole Little floral print sun dress and a NWT Attention shirtdress.

I have read somewhere that thrifters are always on the search for something missing from their past.  If that is true, then my 10+ year search for this Princess House lamp is complete.  To be honest, I have one of these lamps at a relative's house but not one at mine. The $7.50 price tag meant this little lamp has now joined my collection.  

Current quilt project is a Christmas lap quilt for a gift basket that will be raffled off.  As a state employee, we have to fund our own Christmas parties, so the baskets offset the cost of the lunch.  This poinsettia print was a thrift shop find at year's end.  I added the gold sashing and borders.  The gold piece of material pinned to the front is to note where the top of the quilt is. 

I know how much I value handmade items.  I think a holiday themed lap quilt could be loved by someone.  Sewing calms me and keeps my mind off of worrying about my ailing aged mother.  

Pattern of the day is a 1969 McCall's.  

Finally, some sage advice from a 1949 Singer Sewing Manual.

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