Monday, October 19, 2015

Blogga what?

Just stumbled onto this blurb about me - what a delight!

Blogging is a weird forum.  I liken it to hollering into a tunnel and getting no response.  

I am not the kind of blogger that receives many comments (Admittedly, I forget to read those few that do take time to comment).  On the flip side, I have no haters.  I know some that have been going along with their blogs and their interests and whammo, a hater appears with ugly comments and all. 

If you tell people you write a blog, you sometimes get this facial expression ...

Some don't even know what a blog is.  This Flo commercial encapsulates what seems to be the perception of fashion bloggers.

Anyhoo, I love what I do - this blogga what? 

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