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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Repairing vintage patchwork

This poor piece of patchwork could or should have been thrown out.  In fact, I found it laying at the end of the parking lot at the hospice thrift shop.  The photo prompt for #CY365 is "reflect."  I believe this image fits that prompt reflecting on what we discard. 

Tore up with seams coming undone.  Quilter extraordinaire to the rescue!  

First, I laundered the item with the torn binding still attached.  I didn't want the patchwork strips to fray any worse than they had. I then removed the binding, backing and batting. I cut out the appliques to cover where seams had come undone.

I cut the sashes and borders and sewed them on *whirr*

Each applique piece covers where the original patchwork had frayed.  It was not a masterpiece to begin with but I have grown to love it.

Post update - I finished this small project at the end of November.  

In the meantime, quilter eye candy -

Mariner's Compass

Moving write along with the 31 days challenge.  

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