Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Etsy update

Continuing on with 31days of writing and having begun my online business as a vintage reseller with Etsy, here is what I have learned. CY365 photo of the day is "One to One."  This here information is highly confidential - one to one.  *grins*

Your profile icon and your shop icon are two different things.  

Microsoft Edge is the best performing browser with Etsy.  Google Chrome is a disaster with this site.  Pictures won't load and the message "working on it" appears.  

I created a calculated shipping profile so it would be pretty much a flat rate.  I plan on shipping the clothing in tyvek mailers.  

You can offer buyers discounts, which I figured was an option.

There are two apps for your iPhone, one to shop on Etsy and one to sell on Etsy.  A neat feature in the Etsy seller's app shows activities of Etsy sellers at local events.  

Touting the benefits of blog challenges, I found an Etsy seller makeryspace.com who has devoted her 31 Days challenge topic to Etsy seller Q&As.  This gal is a pro at that site, definitely worth a looksee. 

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