Friday, October 2, 2015

Doing the Delta and celebrating Plaidurday

Continuing with the month long write31days challenge and a photography prompt of "local surroundings," here are some images of the Sacramento Delta. 

These are the Cross Channel Gates, completed in 1951.  When open, they allow fresh water from the Sacramento River to combat salt water intrusion in the Delta, to dilute local pollution and to improve the quality of irrigation supplies in the Central Valley.  When the gates are closed, it is to prevent endangered fish species from being drawn into the interior Delta. The radial gates weigh a total of 243 tons. They were meant to only open and close twice a year, now, a more frequent schedule is being considered. 

Link to an in-depth explanation of the Delta from

Switching gears ... October 2nd on Facebook is celebrated as Plaidurday.

1972 Simplicity Pattern of the Day is a celebration of plaid!

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