Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ty and Lubies ~ song "We Need A Little Christmas [From 'Mama'}

There's those Beanie Babies again - the first one I bought when they first came out, the second, a thrift shop rescue.  The Lubies moose in the middle was last year's Christmas present to me.  That moose makes me giggle because he is so roly poly.

Yesterday's trip to Snowline Hospice in Placerville was a paradise for Christmasophiles, aisle after aisle of Christmas.  Seems this shop saves these items for holiday shoppers.

I picked up these silk pink and gold flowers ($4.50), the bag of pink beads ($3), pearl-beaded candy canes ($1) and pink birds ($4) missing their tail feathers, that I will replace.  I will follow up with a before and after picture of the flowers arrangements I put together with these items.

Present to myself - this framed flower bouquet print ($12).  Project - tone down the gold tone frame.

What I am listening to Croon and Swoon, A Classic Christmas, the tune of "We Need A Little Christmas [From 'Mama']" sung by Angela Lansbury, Frankie Michaels, Jane Connell, Sal Shimono.

Commando Countdown to Christmas Day 14
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