Saturday, December 17, 2011

Angel bells ~ song "Jingle My Bells"

Adopted these darling angel bells ($3.25/pr.) from the Goodwill on 16th Street in Sacramento.  It is obvious they were loved and well cared of, there are no chips, cracks and even though some paint is missing in spots, they are intact, including the original bell.  I like to think about this item's previous owner, how many other little girls before me held these angel bells in their hands?

I also picked up Sparkle Spa's Mini Manicure Makerover (.99, retail stickered as $5.50), perfect for one of my young nieces.

What I am listening to Have Yourself A Tractors Christmas, Jingle My Bells (the kids would always crack up when this song came on).  The lyrics by Walt Richmond are:

Jingle My Bells It's Christmas in the USA
Come on and jingle my bells It's Christmas in the USA
It Won't Be Long 'til we're Wakin' Up On Christmas Day
Go Shoppin' in the Mornin' to buy a Christmas Tree
I can't afford the tinsel but that's alright with me
The Weather's lookin' snowy so Santa won't be late
If you're good I know he should be
Flyin' through your gate ...

Commando Countdown to Christmas Day 8

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