Porcelain dolly ~ song "Adeste Fideles"

This fully-joined porcelain doll is tagged as a Belinda Agnes Christmas collection.  Such a sweet face and a thrift shop rescue!

What I am listening to Christmas With Frank Sinatra & Nat King Cole, "Adeste Fideles" another one in my top ten Christmas favorites.

Friday, December 2nd was Thrift Town's 50% off all clothing day.  I should have known better to avoid that day but I couldn't resist.  Did I think the lines were long before?  This time it took at least 45 minutes to check out.

Worth the wait was this Ann Taylor Loft jacket and pants set ($3).

The fun items were a peace sign tie dye long sleeve t-shirt (.75), a Merona skirt ($1.50), and a Dress Barn ribbed chocolate brown sleeveless shirt marked "new" ($3).  Do I shop with certain color palettes in mind?  Seems that way.

Commando Countdown to Christmas Day 22


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