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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Cross ~ song "Reason For The Season"

These types of ornate crosses are a particular favorite of mine as ornaments.  And the blue, gotta have the blue, crystals!

TSF (Thrift Shop Finds) from the On A Mission this past weekend ...

included a Lauren knee-length skirt ($4.95) and a Jones Wear paisley shirt ($1).

A lovely vintage platter ($5.75), Paint Craft book ($3.50) and the Yardley bath set new in box ($3.25).

Some fun Christmas items, bags of Christmas ornaments and frames.  The pricer at this thrift shop places very low prices on small frames/pictures but over-prices the larger pieces.  I will highlight the cutest of the bag ornaments in this month's posts.  The majority of the ornaments will be recycled back into the great ..... THRIFT SHOP BEYOND *echo, echo, echo*

What I am listening to Patti LaBelle This Christmas, "Reason for The Season."

Commando Countdown to Christmas Day 19

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