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Monday, December 5, 2011

Not a creature was stirring ~ song "Pepino The Italian Mouse"

... not even a mouse.  I cried when I found this little mouse at the thrift shop.  I had one similar to this one many years ago and when I saw her, it brought back the memory of this toy.  I do not know where my original mouse went in the many moves, packing and unpacking throughout my life.  Funny how something so small and insignificant can trigger certain memories.

These meeces and the hand-stitched heart ornament with Santa joined my collection on Saturday as thrift shop rescues from On A Mission in Jackson, California.

What I am listening to The Voices of Christmas tune of "Pepino The Italian Mouse" sung by Lou Monte & The Italian Mouse.

Pepino, oh, you little mouse
Oh, won't you go away
Find yourself another house to run around and play
You scare my girl, you eat my cheese, you even drink my wine
I try so hard to catch you but you trick me all the time

The other night
I called my girl
I asked her could we meet
I said let's go to my house
We could have a bite to eat
And as we walked in through the door
she screamed at what she saw
There was little Pepino
Doin' the cha, cha on the floor

And, I gave in to buying some spumoni ice cream - LOVE IT!  

Commando Countdown to Christmas Day 20

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