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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Christmas Prep is in Full Swing

My Christmas Tree Pin Forest has expanded to the four new pins on the top row. 
As with all of my "collecting," at some point I have to start selling off items. Not shown are 22 other Christmas-themed pins attached to the fabric tree.  

I am working my way through the Christmas CDs I have gathered all year long from thrift. I had already decided this Kenny Burrell CD was a keeper, and even more so after a listen, because there is a major skip. 
I have 25 more used CDs to listen through before listing on eBay. 

Prior to my Thanksgiving holiday, I had photographed the remainder of my needlekits to be listed. A Santa needlepoint sold quickly, just as I predicted.

Best of the bunch from my recent listings, this vintage needlepoint kit from 1978 is priced high because of its rarity. 

Having an eBay basic store means you earn $25 each quarter toward shipping supplies. Because I am full-up on polymailers for the patterns, I purchased boxes for my burgeoning yarn business.

All of the Countdown to Christmas posts are queued up. Be sure to join me in a couple of days for that celebration.  


  1. I have my mother's Christmas tree pin. I just found info that it is a Hollycraft pin and currently selling for $64 on one site. You have a nice collection.

  2. Beautiful collection of Christmas tree pins :)


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