Saturday, November 12, 2022

What $20 Buys at Thrift

I had a happy day at thrift. My $20 bought the following: long sleeved leopard pajamas, 8 uncut sewing patterns, bag of Boy Scout slides, bag of replacement cords for Christmas houses, book for resale, a Hallmark ornament, and a Gnome for the Holidays small banner.

Selling one or two patterns will make back my money on the holiday splurge items for myself.

My push continues to list sewing patterns. This 1985 vintage Vogue Craft is the best of the bunch from my latest session.

Yarn is a fast moving up category on the list of things that I sell. Two skeins found at two thrift shops were listed the same day. Like sewing patterns, I love them, yet I don't sew clothes. Yarn, I love them, yet I don't knit or crochet. 

Here is the "Hollywood" shot of the actual listings.

What is on my Christmas wish list? I want another 6' five tiered rolling wire rack to house my ever-burgeoning eBay listed product. 

What is on your Christmas wish list? 

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