Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A Fabric Buying Moratorium and More iMovie

 I have reached a moratorium on buying fabric. I possess an entire dresser full, a three-drawer plastic container, tubs full of plaid/Christmas, and project bags. That is more than enough. I may have squirreled away other project bags at my offsite shed. 😧

I have narrowed down my project bags. Some carry over year after year, but that is ok. I eventually turn my attention those Quilt Worthy enough to complete.  

My current project is another quilt keeper for myself. I bought the lot of quilt blocks at thrift for $40, sold half of them. There are 11 completed appliqued flowers. I will supplement with a twelfth block, I just haven't decided how to do that. Here is the fabric I am auditioning for borders/sashing. It was one of my "found" fabrics moved to a furniture drawer that had been forgotten. 

I finally received my turntable to give iMovie another whirl. Here is the still image of Sally Stand-In sporting her black tutu and wearing three of the items for sale. She is next to the dresser FULL OF FABRIC. 👀

I thought this XL Dogfish Head men's shirt would be a good piece to sell. I used the tutu to cover the bottom portion of the dress form. 
I included a couple of images with the video. The video defaults to the second position and can't be moved to Main Photo on the listing. 

I don't list a lot of clothes. I still have some Christmas sweaters for sale. I think that phase has passed. I really have to concentrate on listing Christmas CDs or my window of holiday-selling opportunity will pass. 

Plans are on for a Thanksgiving feast for 8, with meal plans for a 4-day holiday. By now I would have started with Christmas decorations, that will have to wait until after vacation. 

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