Monday, March 7, 2022

Theme Reveal for the 2022 A to Z Challenge

It is that time once again for the April A to Z challenge, and that includes a theme reveal. 

My theme this year is an eclectic mix of my favorite types of posts from year's past. There will be Weird and Wacky Day at Thrift, You Get One Free Pass, and posts about quilting, thrifting, reselling, and a skosh of fashion. Also included will be posts about my pets, and a couple of short stories thrown in for good measure. 

I have had fun doing photo shoots for these reveals, and began in 2014 with each year's links below (with a few gaps in participation). 

2021 theme-reveal

2018 theme-reveal

2016 theme-reveal

2015 theme-reveal

2014 theme-reveal

#AtoZChallenge 2022 Theme Reveal

Sneaking in a reseller's update: I am de-listing Betty Crocker red plaid cookbooks. I think those vintage cookbooks have run their course. I am also de-listing CDs, other than Christmas and those new in package. I have decided I don't want to be a CD shop, and don't want to store them any more. 

My successful categories on eBay include sewing patterns, books, Christmas CDs, and needlekits. 

Popping in a Pattern of the Day - this 1968 Simplicity. 

Thank you for stopping by - please join me on April 1 for the month-long a-to-zchallenge!

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  1. I am looking forward to April and reading your posts! Weird and wacky sounds interesting! I debated doing a thrifting theme myself, but my blog is primarily gardening, with thrifting only on Tuesdays, so thought that might not work. Maybe next year!

  2. What an interesting theme! Sounds like a lot of fun to read!