Friday, January 6, 2017

Bev's sewing basket

Thrifting has resumed in full swing and this week's finds included a NWT (new with tag) Charter Club sleeveless knit top in shocking pink ($9) and sewing basket with all of its contents ($5). The reason I know it is Bev's because there was a thank you card from what appeared to be her daughter in law. This is the first sewing basket (of the 3 thrifted that I've bought) that contained such interesting ephemera mainly from the early 1970s.

Sewing needle packets (front and back)

Bev's drawings

Random Snoopy napkin

The graphic on the button card must be early 1950s?

Menu of the care facility Bev stayed at (lovely graphics).

I used to buy 35mm slides secondhand but in one batch I bought it was heartbreaking - you could piece together a story from the photographs. There was a father and his two children and in the images the mother was no where to be found. In the photos, they all seemed unhappy perhaps that is why the slides ended up in a thrift shop. 

I will take one of my sewing baskets and set it up for my daughter. I have thread, buttons and sewing paraphernalia now in excess.

Here it is January 6 and I am already breaking one of my resolutions - not to buy fabric. Instead, I am going to go through my fabric stash and de-ugly it again. Yes, that's right, get rid of the fabric uglies, mainly processed from the Hawaiian shirt hoarder so I can buy newer, zoomier prints (thrifted, of course)!

So here is to Sewing Bev and her basket from the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. 

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