Saturday, January 7, 2017

January is one of my favorite thrifting times of year

Leading off with Sally Stand-in modeling my thrifted outfit I wore for the holidays, a lovely knit and lace sweater with an oversized scarf.
January is one of my favorite thrifting times of year. Brand new and next to new articles of clothing are donated because the donor has either received them as gifts and doesn't want them or has received a newer zoomier piece of clothing and is donating the older one. Both of the cashmere *sings the word* sweaters I found are in excellent condition. Anyhoo for $12 I got the lot of two cashmere sweaters, one sleeveless knit, a scarf, fabric and steampunk necklace (not pictured)

Quilting update on Vintage Fabric Quilt:

Paisley borders have been added and I have enough to use for the binding. Heading to a major retailer tomorrow to look at some fabric. I am still considering a 1" orange border and using the blue paisley.

Posting a Pattern of the Day, a 1969 McCall's.

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