Sunday, August 10, 2014

Head vases and upcoming events

Still a little blog shy with the fashion linkups.  I want to ensure my posts will be inspired and entertaining, so stay tuned, there is blog magic heading your way.

Upcoming events include a "goddess" prompt through Anne of Spy Girl for her 52-pick-me-up for August 17.

Year Four of Vogoff Magazine will be published soon by Melanie at bagandaberet.  She promises, "It's going to be the best issue, at bit different, as it should be, and hopefully worth of our collective efforts."  The 2013 issue can be found at

My thrift shopping rounded up the following (pub. 1996):

The Carmen Mirandas

Jeweled is adorable!
I will share the Christmas-themed vases at year end.

My personal sewing challenge pillow project is awaiting a power cord for my 1990s sewing machine.  I obtained all of the pieces thrifted.  The zipper from 1969 has waited 45 years to be utilized.  Total materials cost $3.40.

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