Friday, August 15, 2014

5 Things Only Thrift Shoppers Understand

Thrift Goddess was the first choice for my blog name, but it was taken at the time.  Thrift Goddess, it is, at least for today and in honor of Spy Girl's 52-pick-me-up prompt for this week of "Goddess" and Ms. Papelico's share-in-style prompt of "summer."

In a style rut?

The most expensive item of this thrifted ensemble is the opera length gloves ($20  The evening clutch - well worth the $6 investment.

Detail on the Zum Zum dress ($10 thrifted)

I am also sharing this 1967 Simplicity pattern, model 1 is holding a pair of white gloves in her hand. I remember that style being called a "baby doll" dress.


1.  The sheer delight you experience when you buy an armload of clothes for under $20. 
2.  Finding that piece of vintage clothing in excellent condition.  Someone has saved it, stored it and gave it away just so you could love it. 
3.  $5 and 10-15 books later, you have enough reading material to last the summer. 
4.  So you don’t need the ceramic smalls or [fill in the blank], but they make you smile. 
5.  Thinking "I will buy this item, I can always resell it on EBay/Etsy," but you never do.  

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