Purple royale

Spy Girl Anne's prompt of "Purple-royale" inspired me to this ensemble.  I have so appreciated her weekly prompts that are truly "pick me ups."  I wouldn't have thought to look for purple, a gorgeous color in a garment.  

Hat, necklace and scarf (borrowed from the mamacita)
Sag Harbor jacket ($3.50 thrifted)
Charter Club button up plum cashmere sweater (retail) 
Rafaella knit pants (thrifted)
BCBG half boots (retail)

This lovely jacket was my recent thrift shop find specifically for this prompt.

A girl's gotta have PRODUCTS, if only they were at 1951-1952 prices!

And you can't forget stockings ~

What I'm Listening to - Elvis Presley It's Christmas Time.

Purple tree lights are my absolute favorite!


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