Dino Day

What do dinosaurs have to do with Christmas?  Absolutely nothing ... but as evidenced by my blog header, absolutely everything to do with Kitschmas!   

Deck the halls with dinosaurs ~ via blogs.smithsonianmagazine.com

This fashion find was offered on Ebay.

If you like to wear your dinos around your neck, this little fella was listed on Etsy.

I also discovered Dinovember at Medium.com.  It is a couple who devote the month of November convincing their children that, while they sleep, their plastic dinosaurs come to life.

WHY is that mother smiling in that picture?  As a mother, I know that giving your child a large stuffed dinosaur will only mean trying to find ways to make it disappear after it becomes yet another thing (large thing) laying around the child's bedroom.

What I'm listening to - A Very Special Christmas 5.  This CD has a couple of bawdy songs, sorta double entendre kinda stuff, like Backdoor Santa by B.B. King and John Popper and Little Red Rooster by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.


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