Sunday, October 20, 2013

Passion for fashion

Linking to my About Me or "Moi" page for this first day of the SITS Girls Blogtober challenge.

It is apparent that I love fashion.  Occasionally, I will buy a glossy fashion magazine and get an eye overload on all the things I can't afford.  The fashion that draws me is what other bloggers are wearing and how they are expressing themselves.  The fashion linkups are online collaborations that prompt new ideas and new ways to wear classic pieces.  Other times it is mixing and matching pieces you would think should not go together.  Some push fashion boundaries - I wonder if they are seen out in public in that getup or just going for the photograph?

I am fascinated by my fellow fashion bloggers.  A person has to possess enough self confidence to model, take (or have someone take) the photos, edit and post them, write the text, post to fashion boards, comment on other's posts and reply back.  It takes a commitment and a passion for fashion shared worldwide.

What is interesting is that mainstream media has not caught on to this trend.  There are funny, creative, amazing, fascinating blogger personalities the world should know about!  Those that I have been following for some time and others that I have discovered recently are listed in my updated FASHION DIVANISTAS blogroll.
blog challenge

First fashion linkup is with Patti at Notdeadyetstyle for Visible Monday #115.

Join us! Click the Spotlight

She has the good fortune of vacationing in New York City.  Wish I were there!

Second fashion linkup is with Janey G at Flight Platform Living.  Her prompt is "Let Your Light Shine."

Third fashion linkup AND much anticipated 52-pick-me-up-feline-frenzy prompt from Spy Girl is "MROW, leopard/cheetah/tiger."  The Dr. Peepers crescent moon with star embellishment cat eyeglasses were $7 from a consignment shop in Jackson, California.  Now I know where to take some jackets in for consignment and trade for cool stuff.

My best Zoolander pose wearing the shirt, a Jones New York black maxi skirt, New York Transit black python pumps while balancing a boy's Tiger Schwinn bike.  THAT was not an easy pose - there is no kick stand on that bike.

The blooper pose where the bike is getting away from me ... heels and gravel do not mix.

And the tricky little devils I was modeling in ... the socks weren't in the original pic, an added bonus update.

The passion for fashion includes Muffy Vanderbear in autumn flowers wearing non-sanctioned animal print trimmed Vanderwear (modified outfit from another stuffed animal).

Shoot me an email at tvonzalez at if you are a newbie blogger fashionista or know your way around this virtual runway.


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