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Friday, October 25, 2013

Freaky Friday on Google+ and baby doll mugshots

Freaky Friday on Google+ featuring Baby Doll mugshots!  These baby dolls are inmates on and bid around $10 - $20 (after shipping and handling charges are added on).

1970s Gerber baby heralds from Santa Rosa, item condition notes, "The eyes move in funny ways."

1976 Mattel baby doll is being held in Greenville, South Carolina and doesn't look happy about having to appear in her stained clothing.

1982 Mattel Roller Skater from Omaha, Nebraska likes to roller skate in the nude.  Condition notes:  "The roller skating motion turns on, but the doll does not stay upright."

The backside of roller skater doll reminds of an TV ad that was running in the U.S.  

YouTube link to those wondering which ad I am referring to:

blog challenge

Fairy doll kisses from this inmate from Grandville, Michigan.  

Happy Freaky Friday!  

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