Saturday, October 12, 2013

Accessorize and tie-dye hippie pink

The first prompt for my blogspiration (blog inspiration) was Spy Girl's 52-pick-me-up-accessorize to "Put on your accessories first.  Now get dressed."

My accessories ~

My tie-dye hippie pink housedress with red wig and accessories!  I would soooo love to have red hair but I would be dying it ever other day.  The housedress is oh so comfy and I have a special fondness for tie-dye. Too bad this housedress makes me look as BIG as a house.  Ah, the sacrifices we make for fashion ~

This image I was trying to go for one of the The Citizen Rosebud's signature face shots - I think I need more practice.

Tie-dye hippie pink outfit was entirely thrifted.  Link to my vlog with those finds thrift-shop-haul.

Blog hopped with Beverly for Pink Saturday at howsweetthesound.


A first link up with Jane George at Flight Platform Living.  Her prompts for October are:

Week 3 is PINK!  Course I was out commando thrift shopping and this outfit was just begging to be thrown together and photographed.  The pink rhinestone cowgirl hat ($3), the shirt (retail), the skirt ($6), and the shoes ($6).  I so love the Halloween time of year because all of the fun hats, gloves, accessories, are on display.  To bad the shoes were too big.

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