Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 9 topic - Disguise

30 Days of Photographs IV, Day 9's topic is "Disguise."  I was inspired by a recent episode of America's Next Top Model (one of my favorite shows, by the way) where the models shot a gender-bending commercial the-guy-who-gets-to-kiss-the-girl.  The photo shoot was romp, the rest of the show, not so much.

I gathered together my guy props.  You've got to excuse the moustache, it came from a 25 cent gumball machine.  Does my manguise succeed?

Trot on over to Ziva's Inferno to discover the other participants who may or may not be in disguise.  

To offset my manguise, I am linking with Patti's Visible-Monday and Spy Girl's 52-pick-me-up-coffee-klatch, her prompt being "Fill your favorite mug with your morning brew.  Now dress to coordinate."  Starbucks mochas are my favorite splurge - so I've gone all mocha for you in my Tamiguise.  

Charter Club cappuccino cashmere sweater
Alfani sleeveless shirt
Hillard and Hanson brown skirt
(all thrifted)
Cole Haan espresso brown pumps
Multi-colored pearl necklace

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