Ice Cream Cone soft sculpture hat and the inception of 30 Days of Photographs IV

I am gladly joining in with the 30 Days of Photographs IV hosted by Ziva at Ziva's Inferno.  Day one topic is "Ice Cream." Because it is also Hat-attack-2 day at Style Crone, I rose to the personal challenge of combining the two hops. I present the Ice Cream Cone Soft Sculpture Hat (ICCSSH).  The image was tweeked at

Materials for the ICCSSH - hot pink wig as a base and the bag of batting.

The batting was wrapped around the wig.  

I did a quick cut and duct tape assembly.

Style Crone - Hat Attack

If the ice cream hat wasn't enough, I've added a couple more images ... Thrifty ice cream sold in the Rite Aid store.  *nom nom nom*

I'm visiting the momser in Seattle.  I went through her stash of costume jewelry - here are her ice cream cone earrings.

The Day 2 topic is illuminate.  I hope you join me for the fun and games of this photo challenge.  Half the fun is reading the comments from the other participants.  


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