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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 24 topic - Carnival

30 Days of Photographs IV, Day 24 topic is "Carnival."  I didn't encounter any carnivals this summer, as I was hoping.  I resorted to a photographed drawing for the Tremor prompt and while I had my sketch pad out, I emailed Ziva for a list of all of the participants so I could create my rendition of CARNIVAL.  I thought the group might enjoy my pencil sketch.  It didn't photograph well, had to scan it as a .jpeg and it came out lighter than expected, but you get the gist.

Beginning at the top left:  Nonamedufus is the pilot, Shawn (in disquise) is co-pilot, Agent 54 is riding on the tail section, Reforming Geek is on the disco swing, Cheryl is first rider on the bird, Babs is second, Lauren and Meleah have hitched a ride on the cheesemobile that Nicky is driving and Cheesy Mike is riding shotgun, we have Paula (the plumber), Me (trying not to get run over by the cheesemobile), Ziva (who originally had a whip in her hand), Mike WJ as ringmaster, Nora and her dog Starla, Katherine, and peeking behind the wall are Malisa, Traci and Janine.

Some I know better than others and a few of you do not post any images of yourself.  Apologies for anyone I might have missed.  You know where to go to visit the other carnies.

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