Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 28 topic - Lover

30 Days of Photographs IV, Day 28 topic of "Lover."  Since Mr. VZ will never appear (face forward) anywhere on my blog.  In my thrift shop wanderings, I found ~

Not one, but two CDs!  And from my treasure trove of poetry books, this from A Treasury of Love Poems.

To His Love: Mark when She Smiles by Edmund Spenser

Mark when she smiles with amiable cheer,
And tell me whereto can ye liken it:
When one each eyelid sweetly do appear
An hundred graces as in shade to sit.

Likest is seemeth in my simple wit
Unto the fair sunshine in summer's day:
That when a dreadful storm away is flit,
Through the broad world doth spread its goodly ray:

At sight whereof each bird that sits on spray,
And every beast that to his den was fled
Comes forth afresh out of their late dismay,
And to the light lift up their dropping head.

So my storm-beaten heart likewise is cheered,
With that sunshine when cloudy looks are cleared.  

Linky to the lovers at Ziva's Inferno

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