Thursday, August 8, 2013

Five Tips for the Furloughed Employee

Being a recent addition to the ranks of the furloughed (aka partially employed) persons, I consider myself an expert.  *chuckles to self*

Tip No. 1:  Take up a hobby ... or an anti-hobby.  Pictured below is a wooden hinged box I bought for $2.50 (priced at $5, I cashed in my filled-out frequent buyer card for an item at 1/2 off).

I've done absolutely nothing to it, besides take off the price sticker.  DONE.  *rubs hands together*  Isn't it brilliant?  Yes, an anti-hobby.

Tip No. 2:  Watch a TV show you normally wouldn't watch.  I stumbled onto Trisha Uncut, it was one of those "whose your daddy?" cheating spouses/lie detector type of show.  That program sucked me in.  I DID want to know who the daddy was.  I DID want to know if they were unfaithful to each other.  There was yelling and words were bleeped and the alleged daddy walked off stage.  Luckily, no punches or chairs were thrown.

Tip No. 3:  You are home more therefore you clean more.  I am seeing places that need to be cleaned that I never saw before.  You know that grate under the refrigerator door?  Bam - it's clean!

Tip No. 4:  Feeling slightly depressed?  While I am usually all over the fashion boards, my heart just isn't in to posing.  I have decided to use Barbie as my stand-in.  That's right, a substitute me.  If I could only figure out a way to send the substitute me to work, while I vacation in Cancun.

Just kidding!  Spy Girl's 52 Pick-me-up directive is:  Fruit salad:  peach/orange/lemon/lime  

Tip No. 5:  There is time for rearranging the kitchen cupboards, organizing the utensil drawer, starting those list of projects, weeding the garden, canning food for the winter, digging a fallout shelter (just seeing if you were paying attention) - RESIST THE TEMPTATION!  DO NOTHING!  

There I've said it - Do Nothing!  The best strategy of all.  You know, it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  You know where you will find me ...

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