Thursday, August 1, 2013

Photo blogging challenge - Signs

Cheers to the month-long photog challenge of P.J. at a lil hoo ha.

July’s theme was: Signs.

Signage No. Oneage:  Here I am photobombing the "Welcome to Sacramento" sign on J Street.  Excusee the hair - I've since fixed the dye job.  Toner, girlfriend, toner!

Signage No. Twoage:  The story behind this sign is that the inmates can see people from the street from their recreation area.  There is some talk that around Valentine's Day the GFs/SOs of the inmates would gather at this spot to um "show their wares" to their incarcerated bad boys.

Signage No. Threeage:  Rodney's Cigars.  Wish I could've told you I bought a winning lottery ticket here, but that was not the case.  I like the retro-look of this sign, I hope they never replace it.

Signage No. Fourage:  Signs, signs, everywhere there is signs. When I snapped this image, the vendor (not pictured) at the California State Fair was NOT happy with me.  He took my picture on his cell phone and said, "Wave for YouTube."  Course, I obliged.  Guess he thought I would steal his "sign language."  Badaboom!

And this is the sign that makes my heart go flitter flutter.

Thrift Shop Commando on the rampage!  Be sure to check out my fellow participants and their signs.  

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