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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Shopper's Shakes

Being furloughed to part-time, I have a LOT more time for thrift shopping.  Just as I do with retail stores, I do with thrift stores -- I shop off season.  The temperatures in the Northern California area where I am based, are still topping out around 90+ degrees.  The quality items I purchased recently were a Charter Club long sleeved collared button up white shirt (marked $5, but yellow tags were $1), an American Blue black and grey argyle pullover sweater ($1.50), a fall colored scarf (50 cents) and silver and rhinestone clip-on earrings ($2.50).  The basic white shirt is a wardrobe essential.

When I found out the white shirt was a $1 item, the cashier said I had a case of the "shopper's shakes," you are so pleased with your find, you shake.  Have you ever had the shopper's shakes?

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