Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dolly Day in the blogosphere

It is Dolly Day!  I'm linked in with Ivy and Elephants What's It Wednesday (m'kay, so I am a day late, and a dolly short ...)  Paula highlights her African-American rag dolls, one of my favorite collectibles.  Here is my ragdoll-and-half-doll post.  A recent addition to my collection of rag dolls, the needlework on her dress makes her all the more precious.

I also discovered a new blogger Thorne Garnet and her Weird Doll Wednesday posts.

AND on to important dolly biznezz ... this baby doll inmate is listed on  It looks like dolly + box + clothes will sell for about $150.  She's a cutie.

These boy dolls seem to be in awe of her!

If only I had half the style that this next doll has ~

She is being detained at

Finally, this doll would be a keeper.  She is holding court at that same site: AD-Stutton-Doll

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