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Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Frock and Set Phasers to Fun!

It's Friday Frock time!  

Jones New York jacket
Basic Editions Sleeveless Collared Shirt
Inc. black skirt
Ellen Tracy slingbacks

The outfit above is comprised of thrift shop finds totaling less than $20.  It is possible to put together professional work attire from second hand shops.  Admittedly, it does take a lot work - the investment really is time, but worth finding quality pieces of clothing.  

Hopping along with Half Past Kissin Time

Mommy's Idea

And Fingerprints On The Fridge - Feature Yourself Friday

Usually I feature baby doll mugshots, but the day's mugshot is from a series from the 1960s.  Now how can a gal wearing cat-eye glasses be guilty of anything other than a fashion crime?

Speaking of fashion crimes, how many of you own an Ugly Christmas Sweater?

I've picked up a new one this year (not the one pictured above) and it will be prominently featured in one of my Countdown to Kitschmas posts.  What's that? (you ask) ...  I will be hosting a 24-day blog hop, you can link in anytime during that period, no rules - other than family friendly, no follows required, link up your posts that are:

Outfits - Ugly Christmas Sweaters most def welcome!  


  1. You are speaking my language Tami. I'm a new fan! Stopping in from FF. My mom owns tons of ugly Christmas sweaters so I can save room in my closet. Although, I try to make something every year. One year I sewed glittery snowflakes onto one of my husband's boring gray sweaters. It was a great contrast.

  2. My brother and sister-in-law hosted an Ugly Christmas Sweater party a couple of years ago. Mine had a light up Christmas tree on the front...batteries and everything! :D It was hideous.

  3. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I enjoyed looking through yours :)


  4. I volunteer in a second hand clothing "give away" store, and dress myself from there quite a bit. Can't beat the price, and when I get tired of something, I return it and get something else.

    Confession: I don't think Christmas sweaters, that are fresh, new, and perky, are always ugly. I know - - - they have gone out of vogue now, but they were sooooo fun and helped so many of us get in the holiday spirit back when they were still cool.

    Oh yes my dear, at one time they were very cool.

  5. There is a lady at work that owns enough holiday sweaters that we never see the same one twice and let me tell you some of them are ugly!

  6. This is the time of year when all the ugly Christmas sweaters come out at the thrift stores. I'm on the look out for the perfect one.