Friday, November 2, 2012

Random Friday and Buy Nothing Christmas!?

Since these images cannot be connected thematically - I've deemed them random and worth a blog post share.

Image Numero Uno ~

It is not often you see a bird of prey in downtown Sacramento.  I am guessing this is a Peregrine Falcon.  He caught sight of me just as I snapped the picture.

Image Numero Dos ~

I was the recipient of a lovely flower arrangement - what a lovely shade of lily!

Image Numero Tres ~

As a step of faith toward the hopeful refi of my midtown house, I purchased a dresser from the Sacramento Goodwill on 16th Street, priced at $225, the manager reduced it to $130.  This really is the place to get furniture - no refinishing, no repainting involved.  If you keep an eye out, you can find quality used items for a fraction of retail.

The gauntlet has been thrown down and I have accepted the challenge from The Year Of Less of the Buy Nothing Christmas.  She describes it as:

"The best thing about a Buy Nothing Christmas?  You make the rules. You can choose not to buy anything except the materials for homemade gifts, or choose not to buy any gifts except for second hand items in good repair (it is absolutely okay to give someone a thrifted gift!)  Or to only buy local, or to really truly buy nothing at all except the bare necessities and give all the money you save to the poor. You decide how deep you will dive in.

For our family, this is what our Buy Nothing Christmas will look like:

What we will buy: 

  • Materials for homemade gifts. 
  • Second hand items for upcycled gifts.
  •  Local, natural elements like a live potted Christmas tree (more on that to come). 
  • And actual necessities, like food and soap.

What we won't buy:

  • Gift wrap.  
  • Cards.  
  • Christmas gifts. 
  • Any new consumer goods that aren't a) actual necessities or b) materials with which to make handmade gifts. 
  • Fancy new Christmas outfits for the kids.  
  • Baubles/Tinsel/Mugs with little snowflakes on them.  
  • Clutter."

There is also Buy Nothing Christmas for alternative ways to celebrate the holiday.  

I am not sure how successful I will be, but it is certainly worth a try.

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