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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Dog Bed Liner and a Couple of Updates

As with many of the plants in my greenhouse, I let them go to seed. These are garlic chives in bloom. 

As a follow up to the gigantor dog bed cover that I made part-1 and part-2, I made the liner. All I had to do was cut two more enormous pieces of fabric for the top and bottom. The side panels had been completed. For filling, I used batting and filling I had picked up secondhand. I haven't sealed the enclosure to decide whether I want to add a lighter filling.

Seller update: I hadn't reported back on my yarn sales. The quality skeins sell. Not always easy to find at thrift shop prices. 

The biggest backlog in my death pile is books. I don't have any shelf space available. The same with CDs, no more room on the rack. That can be a seller's quandary. You have items to list but no space to store them.  

I continue with the greeting card listing sessions. I have yet to sell a card as of this post. I admit I really enjoy listing the smaller items. The greeting card fields are easy peasy compared to some items like jewelry. The history of America is required for those listings. 

Greenhouse update: 

I am a BAD greenhouse mommy. I just let everything go. There are sunflower volunteers, asparagus I tried to keep under control but have grown into ferns. Flowering kale and garlic are going to flower. The artichoke is in its third year and looks like it will produce over 10 buds. 

Ending the post with a listed Happy Birthday card. It is my brother's birthday today!

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