Cowboy Christmas Quilt and the Countdown to Christmas

I've practically thrown the kitchen sink into this post, a little bit of everything. I finished my Cowboy Christmas Quilt meaning all of my works in progress are done. 

This was the quilt where I made the backing the top and made another backing. I quilted it cross-hatched in red thread. I so like the look, I will use the technique again. 
The decorated dresser contains my yardage stash. 
Linking up with Amanda Jean at crazymomquilts for Finish it up Friday. 

Continuing with my Countdown to Christmas Day 15
What are these menacing objects? Shades of Star Trek. 

Speaking of Star Trek, there is even a separate category for these types of collectibles on my fav auction site
Star Trek Tree?
What I'm listening to:

As an aside, it will be the second year of my hosting the April Alternative Challenge.
Just 4 posts during the month, there will be a linkup so you can visit others who are participating. One of my week's posts will highlight the Weird and Wacky in the world of thrift. Mark your calendar to join me!


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