Monday, May 20, 2013

Time for the chicken dance

I have been thrift shopping - I swear I have, sometimes there is a long streak of no finds.  I did scare up a couple of poetry books on Mother's Day after making the Fort Bragg circuit (4 thrift shops in one small town).  Today I got my Thrift Town fix with this Wrapper cotton skirt with flower appliques (half off white tags for $1.50).

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Wrong way to wait for a job interview?

I'll play it straight on this image ...

Talbots lined chartreuse sweater
St. John's Bay sleeveless collared shirt
Jones Wear flared skirt
(all thrifted)
Naturalizer sandals
Brighton bag

With no writing challenge on the horizon (I've nearly recovered from the AtoZ challenge), I must find other ways to amuse myself.  Please check out my vlog.  I think I'm getting the hang of my Adobe Premier program.  Finally, the blogger speaks.

Those following the progress of the-travelling-yellow-skirt-freak-show, Amber of Butane Anvil has posted her interpretation with (drum roll puhleeeze) mean ole chicken Starr Ethel Steele.  (Here is my TYSFS post.)

Soooo, you know what time it is?  IT's TIME FOR THE CHICKEN DANCE!

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