Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friday's Frock and a pint-sized fashionista

Friday's Frock is this cute plaid print skirt I posted as a thrift shop find earlier in the week.

Fashion Bug cardigan
Basic Editions sleeveless shirt
Bandolino skirt
(all thrifted)
Cole Haan shoes (retail)
Purse (gift from Mr. VZ)

Usually I stick with one image of my outfit du jour but this image - I just had include it.  So, am I channeling the cat or is the cat channeling me?  What a hoot!  

I encountered this pint-sized fashionista named Justice with her parents in downtown Sacramento.  She is rocking her little girl style (with a firm grip on her daddy's pant leg).

I got to talking to the parents and, small world, they used to have a thrift shop in Marysville, California, called "Jessica's Closet."  Fellow thrifters - gotta love them!

First there were the pre-AtoZ blog hops, the AtoZ Challenge, and NOW  ....

I've linked up for the ultimate-road-trip.  For those interested in increasing traffic to their blog, the A to Z Challenge fits the bill.  Ready to hit the road?

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