Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Frock and Random 5 Friday

Friday's Frock is the recent thrift shop find of the wrapped skirt, an Old Navy knit shirt (also thrifted), and a Calvin Klein sweater (retail).  My shooting star hydrangea is just starting to bloom - the plant with the white flowers.  #1 Randomness

Can a doll be stylish without trying - I think so!

Vintage Vogue doll ( inmate)

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How could I pass up books at 40% off at Goodwill?  One summer reading is Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool, and  the other The Writer's Harbrace Handbook (60 cents each).  The bonus was a Casual Corner sleeveless cotton shirt ($3.99), poor thing has since been laundered and pressed.  #2 Randomness

I'll be attempting to catch some fish this weekend.  Mr. VZ won't admit it, but I caught the larger fish (shown on my vlog).  #3 Randomness

At the end of this post are some cute kitschy mermaids, images that I snagged from another blog site.  I had a hecka terrible time trying to get those images to line up, so they will just have to stay put where they are posted.  #4 Randomness

I happened onto a website called the Property Room.  I can tell this will be another time-sucking website for me.  #5 Randomness

Founded in 1999 by former police, Property Room originally provided online auction services solely to law enforcement agencies. By statute, such agencies must sell seized, recovered, found, and unclaimed personal property at public auction. If you've ever wondered about our funny name, the cops safeguard all the goodies in the Property & Evidence Room.
Over time, other municipal agencies wanted a piece of the action, which led us into auctioning surplus assets for fire departments, airports, fleets, and parks departments. On behalf of all these clients, we manage the entire internet auction process, beginning with the pick-up of items for auction and ending with delivery to online shoppers.

Several years into the journey, our growth attracted liquidators and wholesale merchants. Motivated by the fact that we could bring more deals to our one million plus customer base we allowed a select few, hand picked Trusted Merchants to sell on our site. This brought more quality goods derived from store close-outs, canceled orders, and over-stock product directly to you. You would not believe the amount of quality merchandise getting liquidated. The fun never ends.

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