Monday, June 5, 2017

Boy's Toys and destashing the uglies

I went through another round of destashing my uglies - culling out the ugly fabric from my stash. Not all of this fabric was ugly, rather projects I have lost interest in or remnants that I have upgraded in pattern or color. I filled an entire kitchen bag and sent it to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. My previous posts about this process appear here and here.

I read a quilt blogger tip of organizing fabric into projects. This also helped me with destashing certain fabrics. So far, I have the following new quilt projects in handy dandy clear zippered pouches.
Summer sunflower quilt (this one does have some cheater blocks made by an unknown quilter)
Pineapple blocks, one with a colorful scheme, another with black and white solid and print fabric
Wonky blue and green Christmas tree wall hanging

Works in Progress:
Patriotic quilt - sandwiched and quilting, binding prepared
Vintage four patch - basted
Christmas quilt with cardinal cornerstones - awaiting sandwiching, top and backing complete, binding prepared

In the future, I'd like to invest more time into each quilt, trying more complex blocks not necessarily denser quilting. Even though I want to move onto my pineapple blocks, I feel compelled to finish as much of my WIPs as possible.

After my 2017 Pantone Quilt Challenge entry of my hand quilted mini wall hanging, I have decided to resume my needlework projects. When the Mr. has doctor appointments, it helps pass the time AND they are portable. I may even enter the world of QAYG (quilt as you go blocks). On that challenge, it was my first entry in an online quilt challenge. The winning ones that the judges chose were all modern abstract quilts - so now I know to go less traditional and uber modern for these types of challenges.

I am even venturing further into the world of sewing. I like to alter, refashion and mend my and the Mr.'s clothes. Right now I am keeping an eye on the sergers listed on an online secondhand auction site. I know you can finish off the edges of material, knit in particular, with that type of machine.

My go-to thrift shop did not disappoint having spent less than $20 for important stuff such as a biodegradable pot, $1.50 bag of plastic boy's figurines (pictured above, I don't pass up that those types of toys anymore because you never know what will be collectible or what will resell). On the subject of toys, I also bought a bag of Homies plastic figurines ($3.50).

Thrifting continued with a Tommy Bahama ceramic ashtray and one of my Top Ten favorite thrifted items - a black Cashmere (*sings the word*) sweater. It has one small moth hole I can easily repair.

Living in a rural area, there must be more quilters than in the urban areas. I rarely find fabric in the downtown Sacramento secondhand shops. Remnants galore, a quilt book and red thread to quilt my patriotic quilt rounded out the score. Not pictured are a patriotic Ginny doll and a couple of patterns, both to make upcoming appearances.

Rounded out the secondhand finds - a 70s retro floral print for a knit basket, some embroidery hoops, low loft batting, a kit and material.

Have you had any luck with reselling boy's toys?

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