Monday, March 13, 2017

Peace bear is back in my life

Once upon a time, my children and I collected Ty beanie babies. Two of my most cherished were Peace bear and the Princess Diana Memorial Bear. Peace bear disappeared with the lot, it wasn't explained how, luckily my daughter still has the Princess Di Ty.  

Since I am a frequent visitor of numerous thrift shops, I have seen bagsful of beanies for sale for a song. There are certain of the critters that remain collectible, Peace bear being one of them.

Springtime Eyeore and original pastel Peace Bear (50 cents each), joined the Tami collection.

Sally Stand-In is modeling my clothing finds of an Aeros quilted hooded black jacket ($7.50), an H&M light gray with white polka dot and yellow binding ($3.50) and a Forks, Washington Twilight comfy black t-shirt ($1.50). The jacket will get good use on those inclement days walking to and fro the work parking garage. My new job means 5 more blocks to walk each way, rather than one block each way.

Rounding out the thrifting lot were these two embroidery pillow kits ($1.50 each) and A People and their Quilts publication from 1984.

Pattern of the day is a sleeveless tunic from 1970. Not shown in my thrifting lot is an aqua blue knit tunic from Talbots.

Another blog, one of my all time favorites goldcountrygirls is also showcasing tunics in their Patterns from the Past.

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