Saturday, September 17, 2016

Vintage Fabric and an IG challenge

National Sewing Month continues with sewing related thrifted finds for an even $7, two $1 mystery bags of fabric, the image above chock full of vintage precuts. Thank you to Unknown Quilter. The find also included a jar of buttons, thimbles, thread  and the Pattern of the Day pictured below.

Mystery bag of fabric No. 2 were some preassembled and pieces to assemble. I am betting made from same fabric in bag no. 1.

And, on to other news - I have found an October Instagram photo challenge over at

Practicing my free motion quilting skills in preparation for the Eerie Nights blog hop next month. My quilt in progress is Spooky Steampunk inspired.

I am auditioning fabric for my son's quilt. He has asked that I avoid pinks and florals. Avoiding the floral prints will not be easy because the majority of my fabrics are florals. I am basing layout no. 1 on those four teal blue cornerstones (from my $1 bag o' fabric listed above), blue/purple batiks and a fish print fabric from the Hawaiian shirt hoarder.

With my thrift shop find came Pattern of the Day from 2010. I am in love with the Alice dress!

What dreams of Halloween are you having?

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  1. Your son's quilt is going to be tremendous! I found Alice in Wonderful (the book) quite scary as a child. I must admit I have never really warmed to her!