Monday, October 3, 2016

Hanging with Mrs. Brimble

So glad I found an Instagram challenge during October through

I am posting daily at
11-7-16 Post update - I have disconnected from Instagram, thank you to someone who decided I should not be posting during the Mr.'s recent hospital stay. Solved that problem, I am no longer on social media sites but have retained my blog.

The big reveal to my Spooky Steampunk lap quilt will be on October 20, Day 1 to the Eerie Night Halloween blog hop hosted by Amy at sewincrediblycrazy. A sneak peek of my creation will be on Mrs. Brimble's Day 5 prompt of "I Made This."
While I usually highlight baby dolls from and their messed up mugshots, Bozo provides enough creepy for today's post.  He is an inmate at
For my audience outside of the U.S., there have been reports of creepy clowns lurking around in cities across America.
Not the time to read Stephen King's book It.
Just enough weirdness to give you nightmares?!

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Polyester Princess said...

That is one creeply clown. Surely the stuff of nightmares ;-) xxx

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