Sunday, September 4, 2016

Batiks and Batting

Once a large influx of sewing related items and material comes into the thrift shop, it is a sure bet more will eventually process through. Having checked back at the thrift shop of my last best sewing-related finds, my $8 snagged batting and batiks, mystery bags of fabric, two 1970s patterns and a tiny tea set.

I have always loved the batik prints but they always seemed to be priced in the high range ($15 or more a yard). Unknown quilter sent through mystery material bags 1 and 2 - precut and ready for my use. 

I do wonder when these amazing fabrics come through - what happened to mystery quilter?  Did she lose interest in the craft? As a nod to the donor, I try to use at least one of my newly acquired fabrics in a current project.

I am reveling in the fact that it is National Sewing Month.
Sharing an image from The Complete Book of Sewing (pub. 1945).

Patterns of the Day - two Simplicity from 1962


  1. I also love batiks and am thrilled whenever I find sufficient yardage at my own favorite thrift shop! For me, they often get turned into doll-sized kimono, but I dream of doing a quilt with the scraps some day.

  2. Those fabrics are gorgeous, Tami, and I'm loving the patterns too! xxx

  3. I could look at vintage sewing patterns all day!!

  4. Great buy. I love batiks, especially as they don't fray like some quilting fabrics. New fabrics can be so expensive though, and in the UK because of leaving the EU and the exchange rate all the quilting fabrics (and everything else imported) are going up in price, which is why I do most of my buying when they are on sale.