Friday, November 18, 2011

Salvation Army and Mexican food Friday ~

Picked up That Thing That You Do soundtrack for tunes on the way home (.99) and the wire-jeweled planter, will make a great gift (or not) might be a keeper (.99) at 40% off day at Goodwill, and

The autumn print skirt ($2.99), the small barrel planter, fits right in with my ranch/western decor ($3) and the  packet of necklaces ($2.40).  I saw the one NWT beauty and the beast Disneyland necklace and thought it was all one piece of jewelry but it appears the one small necklace is true gold box chain.

So the beauty and the beast necklace will go to my niece, pictured below with the tiara.  

And since Taqueria Jalisco, 330 16th Street, Sacramento, was across the street from Goodwill - I sampled the chicken tostada.  Yum!

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