Monday, November 21, 2011

Must be a Monday ~

Things just didn't go as planned today, I had good intentions to ride my bike and rake some leaves but when my tires needed air (and no tire pump available), and the train going through the middle of town decided to back up after a 20-minute wait, I knew it was time to cut my losses.  The SPCA Thrift on E Street in Sacramento called to me and this itty bitty ceramic rooster feller ($1.96) joined my "rescues."

Had wardrobe malfunctions too this morning ~ the colorful autumn skirt I picked up this weekend wrinkles horribly and a cashmere sweater I just retrieved from the dry cleaner had at least 4 small moth-holes.  I keep a small sewing kit at my desk so I could do the quick repairs to the sweater, but the skirt is a goner.  The clothes situation is part of the downside of buying thrift, sometimes you don't discover the flaws or defects until after you've left the house.

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