Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nautical watercolor and holiday reading ~

This original nautical watercolor was the best of the bunch at Amador Hospice Thrift ($8.50).  To make the picture "pop" I painted the blue borders with a highlight of acrylic ultramarine blue.  Now it is ready-to-hang worthy.  I've been having such luck with orchids, these two books Easy Orchids ($1.50) and Complete Guide to Orchids ($2.50) will come in handy.  The Romantic English Garden ($1.50) was also a keeper along with the No Boundaries loungewear ($3.50).

I couldn't pass up the book, The American Shakers and Their Furniture ($1.50), and The World of M.C. Escher ($3.50).  Today's Best Reggae Hits ($1.50) will go to my reggae-loving daughter pictured below with Scatter, a recent rescue.

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