Saturday, September 9, 2023

Visible Patching and Vacation Sourcing

hese Rolling Stone overalls came in a bag of giveaways from my daughter. Since I am not a fan of the ripped-jean look, I thought I would try visible patching to see how these would come out. I chose an automotive print fabric in a similar red color scheme. 

Here is the setup of the first patch. 

Here are the completed patches. I chose a thread that blended in with the jean material. I also left the frays intact. I did sew the patches on using the sewing machine. A bit challenging but done. 

My daughter tried the overalls on and they are now back in her possession. 

Segueing to my vacation sourcing - it hit on all cylinders finding books, CDs, a crocheted item, and Barbie clothes. 

There was a Friends of the Library book sale in Fort Bragg, California. While I didn't find the high dollar books, I did find a few I could sell. 

I am concentrating on listing for sale all of those miscellaneous items that never make it into a regular listing session. I removed a couple of items that will never sell - a boy's baseball mitt, and a big ole stuffed cow I got at an estate sale. 

I have come to my senses and realized I will never be making tote bags. It doesn't interest me. I had pulled the sewing patterns, and collected a bit of upholstery-weight fabric. I have cleansed my craft cabinet of all that. That and seed bead projects - those items go to my hairdresser. She is having her first craft show of her hand beaded earrings.

I will stick with what I do best and that is turning patchwork pieced blocks into bed-sized quilts. At least three quilts are promised to close family members. I may even attempt another art quilt. We'll see.

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