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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

First day of estate sale

I finally made it to the first day of an estate sale. Since most open on Friday, I work that day albeit remote. This sale was on my way to the post office with my eBay deliveries. I have since branched out on my categories for sale. Added to my list are vintage games and Bibles. This estate sale produced a new Bible in its box, and an older Monopoly game. Next year, I will be free to visit all of the estate sales on Day 1. 

1966 Barbie was $1.50 at half off day at thrift. Since she had her clothes, she was a bargain. The individually priced outfits were $3.00 each. I gave her an upgrade in her outfit to this one. I am on the lookout for Barbie shoes. 

Barbie fans know that Barbie faces have changed over the years. The first Barbie looked like a world-wise older woman. 

And on to other things:

Finally getting my own estate in order. The safe deposit box now opened, I have a phone appointment with an estate planning attorney. When my mom passed, everything was in order. I had simply to follow the instructions she had left, down to the last detail in her celebration of life event. 

Promo here for my upcoming Countdown to Christmas beginning December 1st. This is an annual event. I have gathered my usual 25 holiday-themed Christmas CDs - all thrift shop rescues. Image gathering of Christmasy items continues all year long. 

These are the fabrics I have pulled to wrap my eBay orders in. When December rolls around, I will wrap orders in holiday-themed fabric. 

My department had its first all staff in person meeting a week ago. Out of approximately 200 people, 6 so far have contracted COVID. I am down with something so it is either a mild form of the ick, or is the seasonal flu. 

Lastly, I garnered over 2,000 views in one day on this blog. That is a first! Hello to all of my regular readers and those who have recently joined me. 


  1. I love Barbie, especially the older ones. I have one from the 1960's. I used to have a whole bunch of Barbie stuff, but my mother gave it all away when I was a teen.

  2. I had the 1959 Barbie but she disappeared from the house. I rarely find these earlier Barbies at thrift. You have got to see the Barbie movie - it is a hoot and it makes you cry all at the same time.