Saturday, August 5, 2017

I have succumbed to the Singer featherweight's song

I had been watching a Singer featherweight on a certain online auction site but when I saw the bidding top $300, I knew I has out of the game. For some reason, I just knew there was a Singer featherweight for sale at hospice thrift. She was calling to me. It was half off day, so priced at $100, she was mine for $50.

I had already purchased machine oil after bringing home my Brother machine. Featherweight was oiled following a chart Oiling_and_Lubrication_Points_for_the_Singer_Featherweight.  I've got her pegged as a 1951 221 edition (experts, help me out here). She is missing the bobbin casing and bobbin. Most likely she is in for a trip to sewing machine repair to supply any missing parts. I cannot wait to sew with this vintage machine.

I was watching one of my favorite classic movies, The Rainmaker from 1956, with Katharine Hepburn and Burt Lancaster, filmed in black and white but since colorized. I saw a detail in the movie that only a quilter would notice. Katherine's brother pulled a quilt top from her hope chest to keep Burt Lancaster warm since he was staying in the barn overnight. She also clutches the top and spins around with it at some point in the movie. Why do I bring this up? Because it is only a quilt top not a quilt. Here is an image of her wrapped in it.

As promised, I chose the most interesting contents of a $2 sewing basket purchased thrift. In 1984, a Mrs. J.P. Werner participated in a fabric butterfly exchange for a quilt pattern.

Pattern by Ruby Hinson Duncan

She included the written directions, the participants and possible quilting patterns.

There were a couple of sketches,

And numerous transfer patterns.

Just sharing some sewing goodness this Saturday night and linking up with Beverly for anything-goes-pink-saturday-august-5-2017.

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